• Shining in the Darkness
    Lumina Ministries is aiming to take the light of Christ to the world. We have various projects that aim to do just that, to take light to a hurting world.
    Where We GoWhere We Go
  • Our Work
    Lumina Ministries is interested in working across churches and across the world reaching out to different groups and individuals with the love of Christ through speaking about Jesus' great news for mankind and helping practically.
    Lumina MinistriesLumina Ministries
  • Where We Go
    We often visit schools, churches, community groups, prisons and the like to share in dynamic ways how lives have been touched by Jesus Christ.
  • Evangelism
    In addition to visiting to do events we work with churches both large and small to encourage evangelism. If you have a home group or Sunday service you would like us to speak at do please contact us using the button below.
    George OsbornGeorge Osborn