The Lighthouse
The Lighthouse

The lighthouse is a community building and operates as a base for a variety of projects serving the community, looking to help rescue those in need, replenish those on lower incomes, restore and help people make on-going life choices, to revive community in Woking. Lumina are based in this exciting God ordained project and will be looking to encourage spiritual seekers and reach out to those in need. George is on the leadership team of this exciting new project.

Out of Darkness
Out of Darkness

The life story of George Osborn is a remarkable journey of ups and downs, from being trapped in the supernatural at a young age, to drink, drugs and money. Finding himself on a tropical island with nothing left of life to try what happened next dramatically changed his life beyond recognition. He has shared his story around the world in schools, men’s events, prisons, church services, business meetings and wherever he can get the chance to share his moving and inspirational story.

Lumina to the New Age
Lumina to the New Age

Lumina have taken a team of passionate Christians into new age shows, fairs and outdoor events to take the light of Christ into some of the darkest places. From reaching out to witches to simply the spiritually hungry this ministry is looking for ways to reach out to this growing sector of society. We believe this is where Jesus would be and we want to join him.

We have visited various settings in Earls Court, Brentwood, Olympia, Woking, Blackpool and beyond. If you are looking to reach out in this way and either want advice or training then we would love to help.

Living Louder

Training & Equipping the Church

We firmly believe the command of our Lord Jesus Christ to go into the world and tell people the amazing news of what he has done for mankind. We also understand that this responsibility, privilege and joy is for the whole church and indeed if we have any hope of reaching this world then each Christian must rise up to the call, however we often find that hard and we want to help ease some of that discomfort and pressure.

Outside Light
Outside Light

Jesus told his followers to go into the world, outside light aims to do just that. We look to leave the four walls of church and meet people on the streets in varied ways from community barbecues to hot drinks in towns on a Friday night. This is a group of committed Christians from a variety of backgrounds and denominations looking to take Jesus out in both word and deed.

Pulse Ministries
Pulse Ministries

Enlarging & Equipping God’s Kingdom

Hi, we are a bunch of passionate Christians who live to glorify God. Our mission is to ‘Enlarge and Equip God’s Kingdom!’ We are totally committed to this mission and are excited about what God is achieving through His ministry.

What Others Say
You are the best teacher I've had
Course Participant
We had a great time with the Lumina team and really feel privileged to be a part of the event
Tony Business Owner
How wonderful to be with you, your love for the Lord, your amazing will to evangelize everywhere, heavenly blessing
Pastor Italy
Your ministry has been inspiring
UK President FGB
Thank you for your teaching on evangelism which was very informative and just what we
needed. Evangelism is now so important we need all the help we can get to break the fear of doing
Keith Ministry Leader
You are an inspiration for me. God is using you powerfully
PeteMinistry Leader
I just would like to thank you for the really inspiring teaching you gave us! On this weekend we host a Christian group who have yet probably no experience in evangelism and we are going to teach them now and go out – well equipped with your foundations
Marco Course Participant, Germany

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