Supporting Lumina Ministries

For those wanting to gift aid their gifts and to either support Lumina regularly or with larger one off gifts then we would encourage you to join stewardship services who pay Lumina the grants they receive and reclaim the tax on these gifts, details below.

If you would simply like to make a quick one off gift to any of the projects or to George directly then please click the paypal donate button above.

Supporting George Osborn

Out of DarknessGeorge Osborn is supported financially through supporters like you. He moved away from working in full time paid work in 2008 and is supported financially from friends, colleagues, ministry partners and those keen to see ministries like Lumina flourish.

Also projects we run come through this organisation and we aim to be accountable in all our finances and would prefer any gifts or donations to come through stewardship. Simply set up an account with stewardship and then allocate your donation to George Osborn, Evangelism Worldwide. Alternatively you can fill in the form by downloading from the link below and send it off to Stewardship and they will do the rest, if you have questions do please let us know.

Download George’s Stewardship Form
or use this link to give online