Too good to be true!

November 25, 2014
by George Osborn

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Too good to be true 

Up to 75% off then you get in store and that was for the brown slippers on display that no one wants! Or you receive an email telling you someone wants to deposit 20 million in your bank account, all you need do is pay £2k up front. So often in life when something has the ring of being too good then it cannot be true, after all there’s no such thing as a free dinner or so the saying goes.

My fear is when it comes to the gospel message we do the same, when we come to the message that says Jesus has done all, it is finished there is nothing for you to do to earn Gods favour. This is simply too good to be true isn’t it? There must be some catch, some condition even if it’s a small one, somewhere in the small print it must say “once you accept the offer some works will be required to maintain the favour of the Most High”! Ever heard those radio adverts with the terms and conditions crammed in during the last ten seconds at high speed, is God a bit like that? All the good stuff up front and then the t&c’s tucked in an obscure book of the bible?

Simple answer – no. It really is that good, Jesus really is that generous and the good news really is good news. It’s ok, you can tell your heart to believe it, to accept that no matter what you have done past present or future you are deeply loved and cherished and enjoyed by God. You don’t need to read your Bible for three hours before the sun comes up then prayer on your knees until they bleed before breakfast and then make sure you share your faith with 100 people by lunch time!

For Christ also suffered once for sins, the righteous for the unrighteous, that he might bring us to God, being put to death in the flesh but made alive in the spirit… 1 Peter 3:18 It’s the once for sins that I want to zoom in on, he did it once for all, ok ok I hear you that’s one verse, well do me a favour go and sit down with a brew and read Hebrews 10 and zoom in on verse 10! Once for all! Do you see the foolishness in saying we have to make up some good works in order to try and please God? It’s like saying, Jesus you did an ok job on the cross, well done and all that but I need to make up for where you feel just short! Can you imagine saying that, I hope not. Jesus is perfect, he perfectly lived and perfectly died and perfectly resurrected meaning we are perfectly forgiven, perfectly restored, and perfectly saved!

You don’t need to have it all together, have a six pack to impress everyone, have the best job and best car, best bank account, best family, be achieving the most, you really don’t. You can breathe, you can tell your heart it’s ok it really is that good not because I am good but because Jesus is good. Rotten as we are, broken as we are, sinners and drunks though we are Christ has done all, it’s too true to not be that good! Enjoy it and praise him….


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