June 23, 2014
by George Osborn

What a joy it has been over the last few weeks to be opening up Luke’s gospel with people from all kinds of backgrounds who have been coming into the Lighthouse. Some have come in to do bread-making, others to help, or receive help, from Jigsaw, an outreach to financially needy pre-school families. Others have come to serve in the Lighthouse, building and decorating.
Using material produced by UCCF, called ‘Uncover’,, lots of folk, seeking answers to the big questions of life, in Woking, have been able to dig into the gospel. On each occasion, we tailor the study for the people who come.

Two ladies who are recovering from heroin addiction have been looking at how Jesus riled the religious leaders of his day by hanging out and sharing the gospel with prostitutes and sinners. One lady commented today:
“ . . . you are helping us dig for treasure in the bible.”
Those reading Luke’s gospel have included retired business men and students. What we have found is that when we dig into a passage, truth and grace, the character of Jesus, is gradually uncovered and cherished. Often those studying a passage for the first time are surprised and blown away by what they discover of a God they thought they knew about.
In the novel, the Count of Monte Cristo, Edmund Dantes is told about the existence of hidden treasure on the island of Monte Cristo. At first he doesn’t believe but when given the location of the treasure he uncovers a fortune which reshapes his broken life. Dantes uses the treasure to exact vengeance on his enemies.

But in the most counter cultural and supernatural way, the treasure in the gospel of Jesus Christ enables a repentant sinner to love his enemies and bless those who curse him. This is exactly what our saviour did when he hung on a cross for both the irreligious and the religious who were rejecting Him. And when Jesus rose again, triumphant over sin and death the truth of his Lordship and glory was revealed. This is treasure indeed and well worth digging to uncover.

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